Bible Slots

Lots of spouses attempt to handle the issue by themselves or get caught in the power struggle of trying to talk their mate into rational habits -quiting gambling … I have actually heard ministers say that betting is not of God, however I have actually browsed the Bible and have not discovered any scriptures.

supporting that statement. Are there any verses in the Bible restricting gaming? If so, where are they? Betting is never straight restricted in the Bible, however there are biblical principles.

Gambling In Bible

which inform us that gaming is a sin. But if we look more detailed at the words in the gospel of John, we discover that the soldiers utilized lots to identify who received the garment.” Let’s not tear it,” they said to one another.” Let’s choose by lot who will get it.” This took place that the scripture might be fulfilled which stated,” They divided my garments amongst them and cast lots for my clothes. “So this is what the soldiers did. It was the equivalent of choosing the largest straw from a group of straws to identify who would have the robe. No money was included. There was absolutely nothing at threat. … Read the rest

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