What Does The Bible Say About Luck

Gambling is inspired by greed. Let’s be truthful and admit that greed lies at the heart of all betting. The desire to get free ride is actually another name for covetousness (Exod. 20:17; Prov. 21:25 -26). Betting is an inefficient usage of the Lord’s money. I doubt that numerous Christians who gamble tithe, however even if they do, New Testament Christians understand that God does not can just ten percent of our cash, however all of it.

I am no freer to bet with God’s money than I am with anyone else’s. Even though others might waste the Lord’s cash on equally unimportant things, their sin does not excuse mine. Gaming reveals an absence of love for my neighbor. If I really enjoy my next-door neighbor, I want only what is for his good (Matt.

10:24). When legislators talk about putting gambling establishments on the state line so we can victimize the greed and weakness of our next-door neighbors, they reveal the harmful attack that gambling truly is. Can I in excellent conscience assistance something that preys on the weaknesses and indulges the worst instincts of the valuable individuals around me?Gambling fails to think about innocent families.

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