Bible Quotes About Money

At the end of the chapter, she is honored. She is an excellent steward or manager as we will see in the following verse. She considers a field and buys it; from her revenues she plants a vineyard.( NASB) Prov. 31:16 The verse informs us that the spouse purchased a field. She was a great steward, and her management efforts resulted in revenue. God has absolutely nothing unfavorable to state about her, just appreciation.

It is very important to understand that God has absolutely nothing versus an individual benefiting from a financial investment. These passages establish a concept that God owns everything we have. He is our supreme company. We are not owners. We are just good stewards or bad stewards. The Proverbs woman plainly took a danger in her investment. However whatever that we do includes threat. In your concern, you put terrific emphasis on the concern of threat and betting. You are right that every investment involves some danger. In reality, whatever we do includes threat to some degree. Getting a glass of water involves danger. The glass might break when I comprehend.

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Bible Quotes About Money

it and cut my hand or fall on my foot. The water in the glass could consist of poison. Driving on the streets, highways, or freeways involves the risk of a mishap. The roofing of my house may collapse on me while I am sleeping due to a home builder’s negligence or some unique occasion. Somebody may shoot a weapon some range away and the bullet might.

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