Is Gambling Allowed On Good Friday

25:20 -25 2 of three slaves invested wisely. One did not. Two of the slaves took some danger. One did not. The third slave’s response reveals what we already know. No financial investment is ever certain. When a farmer plants a crop, he is taking a gamble or a risk. When the servants invested their cash, they were taking a gamble or a threat. In each of these scenarios, a financial investment has been made with a reasonable certainty that the effort will pay-off. The master in the parable honored the 2 slaves who had actually invested wisely.

They did not gamble. Purchasing the stock exchange can be thought about betting if the individual is a newbie or is irresponsible in his/her research. Any great book on financial investment will tell you that investing is high threat if you are a newbie. One might say they are betting. They are not playing at the gambling establishment, however they are being reckless stewards of God’s money.

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They ought to have let an expert who has actually been trained guide them. Wasting of God’s resources is a sin. When we discuss gambling, we generally refer to an ongoing pattern of gaming. Some individuals bet for enjoyable. Because God expects us to be good stewards of what He has provided us, is it okay to lose$ 100,000,$ 10,000, $5,000, $1,000,$ 500,$ 100,$ 50, or$ 10? How much can a good steward lose and still be a good steward? Would God be pleased that we bet His money away rather than purchasing the ministry of a church, feeding some of the poor, supporting a missionary, buying clothes or food for our own household, or offering.

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